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Open a Service Request Case Using the NI Service Request Manager (SRM)

Updated Nov 2, 2023



  • Service Request Manager (SRM)

Follow the steps outlined below to open a new service request case (SR) with NI on using the Service Request Manager (SRM). This process applies to NHR, STS, BTS, and other systems.

Prior to opening a new SR ensure that you:
  • Create an NI account
  • Login your myNI account on and make sure your profile information is updated (like email, phone, location, etc.. we will use this information to route your queries and for communication purposes)
  • Register your software and hardware serial number by navigating to MyProducts. Note that this process may not be possible for NHR systems, and you may proceed to steps below.

  1. Navigate to ​​​​​and log into your ni account to view the service request manager (SRM). Refer to overview for account creation. You may also access SRM by :
  • Selecting Open a Service Requestseen if you hover on the Support menu at the top of any page on Login to proceed to SRM.
  • Navigate to and select Request Support, then Open a Service Request

Note: There is also menu options at the bottom of this page. Ensure you are logged in to see the option to Submit or Manage a Service Request. Otherwise, it may be missing. Bottom of NI request support page
  • Select Submit a Service Request at the bottom of the any page on Login with your account information and proceed to SRM.
  1. Select Request Technical Support from the SRM hompage to start your technical support request.
  1. Enter the NI product(s) or system that are being used for your service request. NHR systems may be found under the System selection. If a particular system is not available, pick any NI or NHR product to move to next step. For example, Enerchron or Empower software are not yet added as software options.
  1. Complete the fields shown to provide more information about your request including a descriptive Title, Problem Description (with your exact hardware or software), and Contact Preferences for Request Follow-up. Leave the Serial number or System Tag ID blank for NHR products and instead include it in the description.
  1. Select Next to submit your service request.

Note: The experience shown above will differ based on your service agreement and the task you selected. 


Next Steps

Following the submission of your Service Request, NI will contact you dependent on the contact channel you selected. 

Once a Service Request is submitted you can find it on the bottom of the Service Request Manager. Here you can find the Case Number for your reference and the status of your request:

You can also open your request by clicking on the Case Number. Here you can see and add comments and attach files to your Service Request: