My Denso Robot Hits the Antenna Holder

Updated Apr 8, 2024

Reported In


  • Micropross Accessories


HW: Denso Robot

SW: Denso Robot Interface Version 1.3.3 (and later), MPManager 3.8.1 (and later)

Issue Details

When I am using Denso Robot with Denso Robot Interface application to put back the antenna on the holder, the antenna collides with the top of the antenna position on the holder.


You have to adjust the Z coordinate define for the PICC/LISTENER/POLLER Antenna Position button of the Denso Robot Interface application.

Coordinates are listed within the DensoConfig.xml file located in
C:\Users\[user]\Documents\MPManager folder.

It is highly recommended to use a text editor application such as Notepad ++ in administrator mode 
to modify the coordinates.

Here is a default coordinate for PICC/LISTENER/POLLER Antenna Position.
You have to adjust them to make sure you can grab and put back antenna on the holder.

 <!-- PICC / Listener / Poller Test antenna position -->


Additional Information

In case of any any additional questions, please contact NI technical support team on by opening a Service Request using the NI Service Request Manager (SRM).