Invalid Serial Number When Trying to Activate My Software on My Windows 10 Bootcamp's Partition

Updated Jan 8, 2021

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  • NI License Manager

Issue Details

  • I'm using a Windows 10 interface on my MAC computer and I'm getting the "The Serial Number you submitted has expired or has been blocked from activation" error message when trying to activate the software, even though this is an active Serial Number.
  • I'm Currently using a Windows 10 Bootcamp partition on my MAC computer to be able to use the NI software but I cannot activate the software with my Serial Number. I get the "Activation Warning" or the "Invalid Serial Number" error message:
  • When I try to generate an activation code using the Activation Code Generation Form with a valid Serial Number and 6PZC-LFP4-SCXY-DFB6 as my specific computer ID, I'm getting the following error:



This is a known issue and it is common on MAC machines using the Bootcamp's Windows 10 Partition on them.
This issue is originated because the computer IDs of all the Bootcamps' Partitions are by default set to 6PZC-LFP4-SCXY-DFB6, and as the licensing of the NI software is now identity-based, with every machine, that specific computer ID has been blocked.  

To solve this issue: 


Additional Information

This problem usually occurs if you are using Bootcamp 's Windows 10 Partition  on your Mac computer, however, the issue can happen on Windows 10 machines as well.