How to Adjust the Sample Rate of the Data in DIAdem

Updated Nov 29, 2022



  • DIAdem

How can I adjust the sample rate of the data in DIAdem to reduce the number of data points, or generate intermediate points in my data channel?

1. Create a new Time Channel with the sampling rate you want using the function Generate Numeric Channel located in ANALYSIS >> Channel Function palette.  
Note: If you already have a channel loaded in DIAdem with the desired sample rate, this step can be skipped. There is no need to create a new one.

2. Use the function Linear Mapping located in ANALYSIS >> Channel Function palette. This function will resample the measured according to the desired new Time channel. 
3. Select the Mapping Mode that adjusts to your needs. For example, if you need to generate intermediate points with interpolation, or just delete extra samples that you don't need.

As a result, DIAdem will generate a new channel with the re-sampled values.