Error -1074118553 When Using Double Data Rate Mode (DDR) with Extended Data Mode in NI-HSDIO

Updated Apr 27, 2023

Reported In


  • PXIe-6547
  • PXIe-6548
  • PXI-6562
  • PCI-6561
  • PCI-6562
  • PXI-6561
  • PXIe-6569



Issue Details

  • I want to take advantage of the Double Data Rate mode (DDR) while using  Extended Data Mode on the NI Digital Waveform Generator/Analyzer, but I get the error -1074118553 with the following possible reasons:
  • Driver Status: (Hex 0xBFFA4067) Invalid data width for the supported data states. NI-HSDIO only supports extended data states in the native data type of the device. Refer to the device documentation for more information about the native data type for your device.
  • Is it possible to configure the NI Digital Waveform Generator/Analyzer to operate at Double Data Rate mode when using the Extended Data mode?


The error -1074118553 occurs because the Double Data Rate mode (DDR) and the Extended Data mode can't be used simultaneously. This happens because the data width for DDR is fixed at 2 bytes, while the Extended Data mode requires a 4 byte data width to operate. 
The Extended Data mode can only be used when Single Data Rate mode (SDR) is configured, since SDR can be set at both 2 or 4 byte data width.