Error -1074118621 Occurred at NiSwitch Connect Channels Using a PXI-2584

Updated Jun 1, 2023

Reported In


  • PXI-2584





Issue Details

When connecting more than two relays (Independent Topology) using the NI-SWITCH Soft Front Panel I get the following error:
Error -1074118621 occurred at niSwitch Connect Channels (single)

Possible reason(s):
The number of relays attempted to be driven on this device has exceeded the relay drive limit for this device.



This device's simultaneous drive limit is two, meaning that not more than two relays can be closed simultaneously and it is restricted by the hardware and cannot be overridden. The relay drive limit is based on the power limit of the card, for such a high voltage card (600 V max), the amount of power that can be pushed across the isolation barrier is limited. For the 2-wire and 1-wire dual topologies it is not expected to use more than 2 relays closed at the same time.

Additional Information

This error can occur in different PXI Switch Modules, please refer to the corresponding manual and check that  the number of relays that you are using is less than the Simultaneous drive limit.