Error -375903 :Digital IO In VirtualBench Shows Error of Resource Is Reserved

Updated Sep 14, 2020

Issue Details

I had faced a problem when using the VB-8012. The Digital I/O port 0 will become reserved by itself and it output error -375903, where I unable to reset or control it. It will become normal after restart Virtual Bench, then back to reserve again during next operation.


The digital port on Virtualbench supports one single instruments session at a time. Each instrument should be initialized only once in each program.

  • Ensure that the VB soft front panel is not opened at the same time with the LabVIEW program.
  • At the virtualbench Initialize VI, ensure that the Device Name is not repeated if you are using case structures or different loops.

Additional Information

VirtualBench consists of multiple instruments that can act independently. For instance, the function generator (FGEN) can be automated to run a particular sequence while a user interacts with the MSO to view the result on the Windows application. Each instrument can be called in different VIs and the VIs can run simultaneously.