Can I Disable Specific Array Elements in LabVIEW?

Updated Jun 7, 2024

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  • LabVIEW

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I have an array control in my Front Panel to input numeric data, and I want to avoid the user from editing specific array elements. Can I disable or block specific elements in my array?  


Unfortunately, it's not possible to disable specific array elements in an array control. Array elements share the same characteristics and have to be of the same datatype. Hence, the array property node only provides an option to disable the entire array from being modified. 

Nevertheless, there are alternatives that could be considered in this case to accomplish a similar goal: 
  1. Consider coercing the value of the array elements you don't want to be changed in your Block Diagram. 
  2. If your array is not too big and your application's memory is not critical, you may consider using a cluster instead. You may disable a specific element within the cluster by changing its enabled/disabled property with a property node. To understand how to access the properties of an element within a cluster, check the following article: Change the Property of an Object within a LabVIEW Cluster
  3. Consider using a ListBox in conjunction with an array control that displays only one value in your Front Panel. A ListBox could allow you to select specific elements within a list, each element corresponding to an array index/element. Specific elements in a ListBox can be disabled/enabled by using a Property Node such as explained in this article: Disable or Enable Listbox and Tree Control Items in LabVIEW. As a workaround, you may disable the elements you don't want to be edited on the array. Consider trying the snippet below to illustrate this workaround: