Missing Applications After Upgrading SystemLink

Updated Apr 29, 2023

Reported In


  • SystemLink Server

Issue Details

Why don't I see any applications when I log into SystemLink after upgrading to version 2020 R2 or newer?


This is due to the logged-in user having no assigned role. A user with the Server Administrator role must create a role mapping for one or more Workspace in the Security application for a user to have access to systems or data within SystemLink. Please refer to Assigning Users to Roles in a Workspace for the process of creating a role mapping for one or more users. 


Additional Information

SystemLink 2020 R2 includes fundamental changes to its access control technology as compared to previous versions. In doing so, only role mapping for administrators are upgraded to the new Server Administrator role. All other roles, including users, everyone, and user-defined roles are not upgraded. This is due to the more granular privileges available in SystemLink 2020 R2 and Workspaces available in the SystemLink Advanced server license.