Incomplete or Corrupt Data When Opening a TDMS File During Streaming

Updated Oct 25, 2023

Reported In


  • LabVIEW
  • DIAdem
  • NI DataPlugin for TDMS

Issue Details

  • I am trying to open a TDMS file, while data streaming ist still active. The data in the file looks outdated, as I am missing some of the most current samples.
  • After I finish data streaming (e.g. by closing the TDMS reference in LabVIEW), the data looks fine.
  • For new TDMS files I might also get an error message, saying that the TDMS file can not be opened.


This behavior can occur for TDMS files with an open reference due to buffering while writing data to the file. You can use TDMS Flush to force the TDMS file to update and empty the buffers. If you want to remove the error message above for new TDMS files, you can insert TDMS Flush once right after creating the TDMS file: