Unable to Borrow License From FlexNet for LabVIEW

Updated Apr 9, 2023

Reported In


  • LabVIEW 2019
  • Volume License Manager
  • Software Platform Bundle
  • NI License Manager

Issue Details

I am trying to configure our license manager (NI VLM or FlexNet Publisher) and user machine to borrow a license for LabVIEW and other software included in the Software Platform Bundle. I have previously configured this for a 2018 license file and installed LabVIEW 2018 on an end user machine, but when I try to configure for a 2019 (or later) license file, the end user machine shows:
  • LabVIEW as still in "Evaluation" mode in the NI License Manager.
  • Zero licenses are in use in NI License Manager => Network Licenses.
This suggests that the end user machine is unable to borrow a license for LabVIEW 2019 (or later). 


There have been changes between LabVIEW 2018 and 2019 with how LabVIEW looks for a license.  This may mean that if you are using an older version of NI VLM or FlexNet Publisher on the license server, or NI License Manager on the end user machine, LabVIEW may not be able to pull a license.

Update all the licensing tools to the latest versions where possible. For example, if your license server is using FlexNet Publisher with LMTools 11.14,  LabVIEW 2019 (or later) won't be able to borrow a license on the end user machine, but if you upgrade LMTools to LMTools 11.15 or later, LabVIEW 2019 (or later) should be able to borrow a license. 

Additional Information

After you have updated all necessary licensing software, double check the license server has been configured correctly: If you are able to successfully open LabVIEW, but the NI License Manager is still showing unlicensed or zero licenses in use, please read NI License Manager Showing Zero Licenses, Unlicensed or Evaluation Mode With FlexNet