NI-Digital Pattern Error -1074097882 When Bursting Patterns With Active Load

Updated Apr 29, 2023

Reported In


  • PXIe-6570
  • PXIe-6571

Issue Details

I'm unable to burst my patterns whenever I try to configure them with Active Load enabled. I get the following error message:
     Error -1074097882 occurred at niDigital Burst Pattern (Burst Only).vi

     Possible reason(s):
     Requested values is not a supported value for this property.
     The property value may be invalid because it conflicts
     with another property.

The error is shown in the following dialog box.


This error occurs because you are entering a value that is outside the range for the device's Active Load termination mode. Refer to the PXIe-6570 or PXIe-6571 specifications for the range that is available for your device as well as the Active Load Help page for in depth descriptions of the programmable levels (IOH , IOL) and commutating voltage (VCOM) listed in the specifications. 

Note: IOL is the current that the DUT sinks from the active load while IOH is the current that the DUT sources to the active load. As a result, the Active Load current level range for the above specifications is positive (+) for IOL and negative (-) for IOH. For example, the Active Load current range for the PXIe-6570 is 1.5 mA to 24 mA for IOL and -1.5 mA to -24 mA for IOH.