Unable to Find Antenna or DUT Holder in NFC Forum

Updated Sep 8, 2020

Reported In


  • Micropross Accessories


HW: Contactless Test Station (CTS II)
SW: MPManager, EMVCo Test Suite, NFC Forum Test Suite

Issue Details

I am using the NFC Forum or EMVCo Test Suite and the pop-up instructions are instructing me to use the "Antenna Holder" and "DUT Holder" as pictured below. I cannot find these items anywhere in the hardware I received. Am I missing a part?


Some of NI's long term customers received these holders as part of NI's legacy system containing a robot called the Microbot. These holders are no longer used with the current generation of NI's NFC test systems, which utilize a Denso robot. As a result, these messages can be ignored.

Virtually any DUT holder is acceptable, provided it does not contain metal. Some customers 3D print their own DUT holders to fit their devices. A simple block of wood can be a suitable DUT holder.