Unable to Create Duplicates of Custom Devices in Veristand

Updated Aug 12, 2020

Reported In


  • VeriStand

Issue Details

I'm trying to create duplicates of a custom device in VeriStand, but I notice that some custom devices allow me to create duplicates and others do not. In the below image I can create a duplicate for some of the PXI custom devices, but for the Scan Engine and EtherCat custom device I am unable to. 

What is the reasoning behind this? 


By default, custom devices when created are not setup to allow for duplicate entries within VeriStand. They have to be built with certain guidelines that will enable the custom device to be duplicated in a VeriStand System Definition file. 

This means that if a duplicate of a custom device was created when it wasn't built to be duplicated, then there could be some naming conflicts or the entries could potentially rely on shared resources that may cause conflicts later on.