Connecting ServerExplorer to Lookout

Updated Sep 9, 2020



  • Lookout Server

This tutorial gives you a better view on how to connect ServerExplorer to Lookout

  1. Make sure Lookout is running the process that you want to connect to from ServerExplorer.
  2. Start ServerExplorer. Right-click on LookoutOPCServer, then select Wizard.
  1.  The OPC Wizard - Connection dialog box appears. In the Run As pull-down menu choose the run mode. Click on the following link to access our document regarding Local and In-proc Server: In-Proc and Local (Out-of-Proc) OPC Servers. In this example, use In-proc Server. Click Next to connect to the OPC server.

  1. On the next screen, enter the Group Name and Update Rate. The name can be any name you want. Click Next to continue.
  1. Select all the items that you want to view from the Available OPC Items list. Then click Finish.

Now you should be able to view the OPC connection that you just created.
  1. To add new items, right-click on the group name then select .
  1. Under Item Definition, browse to the object and the item that you want to add. Make sure the Item ID textbox at the bottom has the correct object and item name. Then click Add to add the item to the list on the right. In this example, we are adding AB1.I:0_0 and AB1.O:0_0.

  1. Validate all items that you just added by highlighting them and clicking Validate! A question mark icon should be replaced by a green icon which indicates the item is validated and ready to be viewed. Click OK when you are done.

Now you should be able to read all the items that you added in the main window.