Which Test Cases in NFC Forum Cover P2P Mode?

Updated Sep 13, 2021

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  • Micropross Accessories


SW: MPManager3, NFC Forum Test Suites

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I would like to test my NFC Forum device against the NFC Forum conformance test for P2P (peer-to-peer) mode. Where can I find these test cases?


In P2P mode, two NFC reader-mode devices communicate with one another, both acting as a reader and neither as a card-type device. Each device will turn on its own 13.56 MHz field and communicate via amplitude shift-keying (ASK) as if the other device were a card. The P2P protocol is based on the ISO 18092 NFC standard.

This means that in terms of analog conformance, as P2P device can be tested against the NFC Forum Analog Test Suite as a reader mode device.  

For digital conformance, we can use the following cases from the NFC Forum Digital Test Suite:
  • Group 2.9 -   Peer2Peer with NFC-A
  • Group 2.10 - Peer2Peer with NFC-F
  • Group 3.7 -   Peer2Peer with NFC-A
  • Group 3.8 -   Peer2Peer with NFC-F