Chassis Expansion for PXIe-8861 Linux RT Controller by Using PXIe-8301

Updated Aug 26, 2020

Issue Details

I am using PXIe-8861 Linux RT Controller with PXIe-1071. Could I perform chassis expansion by using PXIe-8301 for this setup of mine instead of using PXIe-8360 and PXIe-8364 combination as recommended by this data sheet ?


Yes. PXIe-8301 can be used with PXIe-8861 Linux RT Controller for chassis expansion. There shouldn't be any real difference in behavior between the PXIe-8301 and PXIe-8364. The physical connection is different, and you'll get more throughput with the PXIe-8301, but as far as interacting with the 2 chassis, they're the same.

Additional Information

To use PXIe-8301 with PXIe-8861 Linux RT Controller for chassis expansion, the downstream chassis must be powered up before PXIe-8861 is switched on.