NI Package Manager Takes a Long Time to Open

Updated Nov 18, 2022

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  • Package Manager

Issue Details

I have a PC with NI Package Manager (NIPM) installed, that is not connected to the internet. When I launch NI Package Manager, it takes a very long time (sometimes between 5-30 minutes) to open.

How can I remove the default feeds, including ni-package-manager-released-feed?


This behavior can occur if you open NI Package Manager (NIPM) on a PC that is connected to a network, but does not have access to the internet. See Additional Information below for the cause of this behavior.

To improve the behavior of NIPM on computers without internet access, you can either disconnect the computer from any network (WIFI or Ethernet) completely before opening NI Package Manager or perform the following steps:

  1. Open an command prompt with administrator privileges.
  2. Navigate to C:\Program Files\National Instruments\NI Package Manager.
  3. Run the command: nipkg remove ni-package-manager-released-feed --force-essential.
  4. The command removes the ni-package-manager-released-feed, as it cannot be removed in the settings dialog.
  5. Open NI Package Manager.
  6. Click settings button () and uncheck the options In the NIPM settings window, uncheck the options Show the BROWSE PRODUCTS tab and auto-register product feeds and Automatically download and install missing dependencies from

Note: If you upgrade, or reinstall, NI Package Manager you will need to repeat these steps.

Additional Information

When it is opened, NI Package Manager will try to contact servers at to download information about available software feeds. If your computer is completely offline (not connected over WIFI or Ethernet to any network), NI Package Manager can detect this and knows not to try to update these feeds. However, when your PC is on a network but does not have access to the internet, NI Package Manager does not know that it should not be reaching out to, so it still attempts the connections, which can take a long time.