How To Change My MP500's Polling signal Configuration?

Updated Oct 7, 2020

Reported In


  • Micropross Accessories


  • H/W : MP300 series, MP500 series, CTS
  • S/W : MPManager2.x & 3.x

Issue Details

I need to do the frequency change on MP500, for testing the performance of my Contactless card.
How Can I changer the Frequency or Modulation configuration of simulated Reader signal?


User can generate customized Reader signal via MPManager Configuration.
  1. Run MPManager
  2. Go to "Configuration"
  1.  User can change the Reader simulated signal condition.
            (e.g. Frequency, Rising/Falling Time, Modulation depth...) 
  1. Once user reboot MP500 (orMP300) device, the configuration will recover by default value.