Why the RF Characteristic and Q-factor Tests Are Failed with My MP300 CL3?

Updated Aug 4, 2020

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  • Micropross Accessories


MP300 CL3

MPManager 3.6.0

Issue Details

I encountered an issue when all of my DUTs can't indicate any RF and Q-factor readings in MPManager 3.6.0 which workd normally in the past. I attempted to launch the CABLE COMPENSTATION Tab and then 'connected the cable between the RX and TX connectors' as indicated in the guidance page and click START button. Finally everything works fine with RF measurements. I would like to know what actually happened during the procedure and when should I perform the Cable Compensation? 


According to Preventive Maintenance Section of MP300 CL3 User Manual:
  • Cable compensation must be performed when the cable from the tester to the tester head is replaced, or at least once per year.
  • Resonance frequency setup must be performed when a cable is replaced, and at least once per month. 
All setup results are stored in the non-valotile memory of the coupler. Even though the compenation data were stored in that memory, it happened to be erased by unknow causes. However, once you re-do the cable compensation procedure the function will be recovered.