Error 13 at Call Library Function Node When Trying to Open DLL in LabVIEW

Updated Oct 22, 2020

Issue Details

  • I tried to open a dll in LabVIEW with the Call Library function node and I received the following error:
  • The dll was working properly in LabVIEW on one computer but I receive this error at a different PC:

Doesn’t matter how I change the settings in the function node the error keeps occuring. What should I do?


This error can occur when the dll tries to call functions, libraries or use symbols which are not available on the current computer. A good example is, when your dll includes visual studio functions while you don’t have the appropriate Visual Studio C++ 20XY Redistributable package installed on your computer.

Steps to resolve: 
  • If possible contact the creator of the dll and notify him about the issue. He should either know if there are any additional dependencies that you need to install in order to use the library appropriately or he will be able to re-create the dll without those missing functions or symbols.
  • When making direct contact to the creator is not possible try to ask for the documentation of the dll from the company. If the library is properly documented you can identify the missing modules quickly by comparing your current PC to the documentation.
  • In the case when none of the above methods are applicable you can use the Dependency Walker software to  identifly the missing dependencies for yourself. Dependency Walker maps the dependencies which are called by the dll you would like to use. You can download the software from the following link and also you can find instructions here on how to use it: . In short: It builds a hierarchical tree about the dependencies, the ones marked with yellow question mark are missing. You can try searching google for the missing files from the top of the tree to determine to which package they belong:

Additional Information

If you encounter Error 13 while building a build specification you can refer to this guide