Is it possible to save as a previous version of VeriStand file?

Updated Jul 22, 2020

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  • VeriStand

Issue Details

When I opened VeriStand file, a following error occurred. I think the file is created from a newer version of VeriStand. 
Can I save this file as a previous version of VeriStand? 
I remember that LabVIEW can save as a previous vi.

Following is the error massage.

"File Name" failed to load because it contains content that was saved in a newer version.
The document was last saved in VeriStand Version x.x.x.x Build x.x.x.x.


No, you can not save your VeriStand file as a previous version of VeriStand. 

You can either install the same version of Veristand as the VeriStand version of the file or create a new file in the current version Veristand installed.