Archived:HDD-8266 : Arrays Have Missing Required Members And Cannot Be Configured

Updated Jun 12, 2023

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Issue Details

When starting my HDD-8266, a message is shown during the boot saying : "Following arrays have missing required members and cannot be configured: Dev#0-RAID-0. & Warning: Invalid or Obsolete data found from backup unit. Data will be discarded."

What does that mean ?


This message can be produced by several causes, two of them are : 
  1. One of the disks of the RAID Array have a problem
  2. The RAID controller have a problem

In the this first case, you can go to the Adaptec RAID Configuration Utility using the <Ctrl+A> option and go to the "Manage Arrays"menu to identify the failed disk. You can then either change the disk with a new one, or rebuild a new RAID0 Array with the 23 working disks.

In the second case, please contact NI Support Team for RMA.