Error -200652 DAQmx Set Power Up States: Only Some Channels Were Specified

Updated Jun 1, 2023

Issue Details

I am using DAQmx to set the resistor level to pull up or pull down for lines in tristate logic on my DAQ device, but I receive an error, stating that: "For this type of device, you must specify programmable powerup state for entire ports" or "Tristate logic level is only port configurable for this device."



The DAQmxSetDigitalPullUpPullDownStates API and the DAQmx Set Power Up States VI only support setting values to entire ports. Therefore, you can't select individual lines to modify, instead, you must select the entire range of lines in a port.

The image below shows the incorrect argument on the left (only 1 line), while the correct argument is shown on the right (All lines in a given port)