Error -1074384885 Occured at XNET Bus Monitor

Updated Jun 1, 2023

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I am logging data with NI-XNET Bus Monitor. No errors occured in LabVIEW, but -1074384885 error occurred in the Bus Monitor. How can I solve it? 

NI-XNET:(Hex 0xBFF6300B)A read queue overflowed. Solution: reduce your data or call Read more frequently


The historical output mode used in the ID Logger consumes a relatively large amount of computing power. And, at high bus loads, CAN or FlexRay messages are received at a high rate. When the NI-XNET Bus Monitor reports queue overflow error, you can optimize the measurement setup in the following ways:
  • Set the Update Rate ID Logger in the Display Settings dialog to a large value such as 1000 ms. Reducing the number of frames displayed in the ID Logger optimizes the data throughput also.
  • Set the History Length ID Logger parameter to a relatively small value (100 to 500 frames if possible). 
  • Reduce the Monitor update rate by setting the Update Rate Monitor in the Display Settings dialog to 500 ms or slower. 
  • Reduce the amount of data used for display and logging by filtering out uninteresting frames in Filter IDs in the Interface and Database Settings dialog. 
  • If you are not interested in online data in the Monitor or ID Logger, but you need to stream all incoming data frames to disk, switch to the Statistics tab during the measurement. This consumes less processing power.