Overcurrent Protection Error When Running Self Test on PXIe-4163 SMU

Updated Jul 9, 2020

Reported In


  • PXI Source Measure Unit
  • PXIe-4163


  • Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)


  • NI-DCPower

Issue Details

When attempting to self-test my PXIe-4163 SMU from NI MAX, I see the following error:
The self test failed.
The Overcurrent Protection (OCP) has been activated.  OCP is triggered when a fault condition occurs that would otherwise cause the device to sink or source current beyond its specifications for an excessive amount of time.  OCP might be triggered, for example, if a voltage greater than the operating range of the device is connected at the output, or if a voltage is foreced on the output that exceeds the Voltage Limit value when using the niDCPower Configure Output Function set to DC Current.

Channel Names: 17
Additional Error Info: Applicable Iso Captured: [103], Applicable Iso Sticky: [103], Applicable Niso Captured: [], Applicable Niso Sticky: [], Niso Captured First: 0, Errors Version: 1.3.3f1B111615
Error reported by instrument driver: -1074118582

Nothing is currently connected to the SMU input.  Why am I seeing this OCP error?


Seeing this error during a self test is indicative of a hardware issue internally with the device.  Please contact NI technical support to have this device repaired or replaced.