Version Compatibility between SystemLink Server and Client

Updated Feb 9, 2021

Issue Details

I'm trying to connect a SystemLink server to a SystemLink client, and the client version is newer than the server version. I'm unable to get the client to connect to the server - is it possible that the difference between the server and client versions is causing the issue?


The SystemLink server is only backwards compatible with older SystemLink clients, and is not forwards-compatible with newer SystemLink clients - this includes both major and minor versions of SystemLink releases. Connection issues between SystemLink servers and SystemLink clients of a newer version, even a minor version upgrade, are liable to be caused by the version mismatch. To address this, upgrade your version of SystemLink server to the same version as or a newer version than your SystemLink client, and then follow the steps outlined to set up a SystemLink server and client(s) for your target.

Additional Information

The SystemLink server is backwards compatible with SystemLink clients, and should be able to communicate with older SystemLink clients up to 3 major versions ago.