"Deployment Completed With Errors" When Deploying my VI to an RT Target

Updated Jun 15, 2021

Reported In


  • cRIO-9067
  • NI-9862


  • LabVIEW



Issue Details

  • I did some modifications in my application and when I try to deploy it, I receive the message listed below.
  • I created an application that reads a CAN database using NI-XNET. When I try to read a cluster from my database and deploy the application to my Real-Time Target I get an error message saying 
"Deployment completed with errors"
But no more information about this behavior is displayed. In both cases, the message is similar to the picture below:



This issue is most likely caused by a corruption in the software. To fix this there are two options:
  1. One possible reason for this behavior is that, during the modifications, some controls, subVIs or functions got corrupted. When running a Mass Compile on your project you can verify which VI is listed as Bad VI, so you can open it and check for errors. For further information about the Mass Compile process, please refer to this article. In case there are no VIs shown as a Bad VI, the options are to use the previous version of the application that was working or re build the VI from scratch.
  2. If you are reading a CAN database and get this error, this can be fixed by repairing the NI-XNET driver. Please refer to this article for further information about how to repair the NI corrupted software.
  3. Make sure the module are well connected and don't remove them even if you previously deployed the code. The modules are hot-swappable but they need to be connected when you deploy the code.