How to Load Multiple Sub-Panel VIs in the Front Panel of LabVIEW Executable Without Putting it Under "Always Included"

Updated Jun 10, 2022

Issue Details

I have a few Sub-Panel VIs that needs to be always interchangeable in a LabVIEW Executable, EXE. For that cause, I couldn't put all those Sub-panel VIs under the  "Always Included" in the build specification settings. I also needs to build each time whenever I want to use each new Sub-Panel VI. Is there any way to accomplish this in LabVIEW Executable? 


To get around this behavior in LabVIEW Executable, the VI has to be compiled before they can be called by Open VI Reference. Below is the modified shipping example, Multiple VIs in a to call the subVI in the packed library.

The subVI names are hard-coded in the Main VI for this example but you can replace it with reading from text file, allowing file name change at runtime.