Unable to Deploy Web Service to RT Controller

Updated Aug 20, 2020

Issue Details

I am programing a CompactRIO 9058 on LabVIEW 2020. I have been Publishing a Web Service on the RT controller to host data for a Web App communication to it. After testing some deployment tools to save and deploy images using the System Configuration VIs, I am no longer able to publish the Web Service with the error: "An active NI Application Web Server was not detected on the target."
I have tried re-imaging the cRIO and using the shipping examples, both yielding the same results.


When working with Web Services published on an RT, you need to follow the next steps to avoid any corruption on the deployments: 

1. Stop the startup app
2. Un-publish the Web service
3. Then rebuild the app with the changes made
4. Publish the web service
5. Deploy the rt startup app and reboot.