DIAdem ANALYSIS Panel - Calculate Button in All Dialogs Does Not Work

Updated Jul 13, 2020

Reported In


  • DIAdem

Issue Details

If I open a mathematical function dialog the ANALYSIS panel and configure it, I can see the calculation result in the preview. But we get a nonstop "loading cursor" over the dialog and when I click the CALCULATE button nothing happens. This problem occurs in all ANALYSIS dialogs.

If I run the same function via script, all is fine, and the analysis results are stored in the Dataportal.


At times of DIAdem 2015 and DIAdem 2017 (without service pack) we did not ship the VBS engine together with DIAdem, because the engine from the OS was fine. With an update of the OS a new – and unfortunately – not correct working VBS engine was installed and cause the problem.

Please check that your DIAdem 2015/2017 has no file named VBScript.DLL in the DIAdem program folder.

Close DIAdem and copy the VBScript.DLL from any later version like DIAdem 2019 or 2020 (or use the attached file) into the DIAdem 2015/2017 program folder.