How to Log More Than One Barcode in Vision Builder Data Logging?

Updated Jan 6, 2021



  • Vision Builder for Automated Inspection

  • I have more than one barcode in a single Region of Interest (ROI) to be logged in a single Read 1D Barcode Step. How can I log them all?
  • When I use Data Logging Step, I can only see one barcode detected in the log. How can I log other barcodes?

You need to setup the Read 1D Barcode Steps to capture the expected number of barcodes in your image.

2. Specify the number to log on the right side of Measurements Logged tab in Data Logging Step.

3. Then you can see the update of barcodes logged in the Data Formatting tab.

Additional Information

If you are not sure on the types of barcode and the the numnbers of barcode to detect in your ROI, you can tick the Auto Setup checkbox and VBAI will automatically detect recognizable barcode.