No Answer Detected in the Analog Trace in EMVco Test Case

Updated Jun 25, 2020

Reported In






  • EMVco PCD/PICC Analog Test Suite

Issue Details

On my EMVco Analog Test Suite some Test Cases like CA13X are inconclusive with the following message.

No answer detected in the analog trace.



Some of the test case are using the analog capture to detect the frame to decode. Depending on the device some answers could be  difficult to detect as they are too close to our algorithm threshold. For those specific case we integer the manual mode where you can define cursor placement used for the answer decoding.

To activate this mode, follow the below steps:

1-Go on the Option tab
2-Then Test Case Option
3-Switch Manual Mode to Yes
4-Click on Save & Apply

Re-running the test case when you will encounter the same issue, a popup will appear with the analog trace.

  • Please place the cursors around the missing answer
  • Click on Ok.

The algorithm will analyse the trace.