Unable to Activate Newer Versions of Software When Using NI Volume License Manager

Updated Jun 26, 2020

Reported In


  • Volume License Manager
  • NI License Manager
  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

I upgraded the NI Software on my system and connected back to the server, but the newer software appears as unlicensed in the NI License Manager. I know that I am eligible to activate the newer versions, but why am I unable to do so?


The reason for this could be that the Volume License Manager (VLM) on the License server is using an older version of the license file. You can verify this by going to the Licenses tab on the VLM and checking if the license for the newer version of the software is available there. 

In order to resolve this, request for an upgraded license file and install it into the VLM. To obtain an upgraded license file, send an email request to agreements@ni.com. Include your full name, email address, company name, and Service ID in the email asking for the upgraded license file.

Additional Information

If you are unsure about your eligibility to activate newer software versions, contact NI for clarification.