Launching DIAdem Analysis Functions in SUD Is Slow

Updated Jun 1, 2023

Reported In


  • DIAdem

Issue Details

I have created a SUD dialog to select multiple channels to be calculated with different analysis functions. If I execute such a selection it takes much longer compared with running the same directly in a script.


If you work interactively in DIAdem, all analysis calculations are logged in the panel ANALYSIS. This logged information is stored as a HTML file and creating new entries takes a bit time.

Working in an open SUD dialog , is also defined as interactive working. With that, all executed calculations are creating an entry in the log file. Depending on the calculation itself and the number of executed calculations these entries may cause a significant delay compared with running the same directly in a script without creating entries in the log file.


To prevent these delays, you can add the variable “CmdNoInfoDisp” in the SUD and set it to TRUE. With this setting no more log file entries are created.

Alternatively, you can create in the global SUD script section the small VBS CLASS below and assign it to a variable. In addition to deactivating the logging mode, this mode is reactivated when the SUD is terminated.

dim oDontWriteAnalysisLogFile : set oDontWriteAnalysisLogFile = new cDontWriteAnalysisLogFile

class cDontWriteAnalysisLogFile

  sub class_initialize
    CmdNoInfoDisp = true
  end sub

  sub class_terminate
    CmdNoInfoDisp = false
  end sub
end class