FlexLogger Shows Invalid or Disabled Channel Error

Updated Jun 18, 2020

Issue Details

I am creating a Screen in FlexLogger. I have several controls and indicators mapped to my acquisition and output channels. This was working previously, but now I see several errors that say:

Control connected to an invalid or disabled channel


  1. In FlexLogger, open the Channel Specification.flxio file form the Project Files pane.
  2. Make sure that the channel you are trying to display on the Screen is not disabled. The Disable button is located at the far-right of any channel you have configured in your project. You can hover over it to see the option to disable or enable the channel.

If your channels are not disabled in the FlexLogger project and you are still getting this error, ensure that the data acquisition device is being detected correctly in the system by opening NI MAX:
  1. Open NI MAX from the Start menu.
  2. In the left-hand pane, expand the list item called Devices and Interfaces
  3. Make sure the chassis and modules are detected correctly by the system.
  4. If they are not detected properly or if they are detected but NI MAX throws a database error when you try to select the device from the list, there may be a MAX database corruption. Reset the MAX database to see if the device is now detected correctly.