Black Bar on LabVIEW Frontpanel

Updated Jun 15, 2020

Reported In


  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

I designed my Frontpanel in LabVIEW, but everytime I open my VI again, there is a black bar right below the menu-bar on the Frontpanel. It looks similar to this:

What can I do, to fix this and remove the black bar?


The most convenient workaround is described in the following:
  1. Open the affected VI and go to the Frontpanel
  2. Open the Quick Drop by pressing Ctrl+Space
  3. Type in Vertical Splitter Bar and drop it anywhere on the Frontpanel
  4. The black bar is vanished now. In order to change your Frontpanel back to normal, remove the Vertical Splitter Bar again. For this, open the context menu of the Splitter Bar by right clicking on the right edge of the Splitter Bar and choose Removing with Adjoining Splitters: