What does the Internal Oscilloscope of MP500 TCL3 Measures in PCD Analog Waveform Measurement?

Updated Oct 12, 2021

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In the terminal testing regarding to analog PCD waveform measurement, using MP500 TCL3 and a piece of PICC-PCD simulation antenna, what dose the analogue value stands for? Is the result measured for one frame or the whole pattern?


In order to measure analog PCD waveform, you first need the Advanced Analog Measurement License. Refer to What Advanced Analog Measurement Feature of MP500 Stands for? See all other features it is capable of. What the internal oscilloscope inside MP500 measures is the 1st pattern of each command. It is impossible to measure the whole frames (every pattern), otherwise you should use an external oscilloscope to capture all frames or patterns. See How Can I Measure LMA with External Oscilloscope for running simple scripts in MPManager3 in connection with an external scope.