How to Add Offline Feeds on SystemLink Server

Updated Apr 30, 2023



  • SystemLink Server
  • NI Linux Real-Time Offline Installation Support

This article describes how to add offline feeds on SystemLink Server, which is commonly used in an ethernet connection scenario or private network.

Please follow the steps below:
1. You must install the NI Linux Real-​Time Offline Installation Support on the host machine for total offline operation.
2. Log in to the SystemLink Server, step into Package Repository, click Replicate->Replicate from Feed URL then open the window below.

3. You can find the URL in System Manager->Managed Systems-> One connected client->Software

4. Click Feeds on the left, you will see the available feeds and their URLs, there are two different kinds of URLs.

  • Online feeds
These URLs are prefixed with, if you use these URLs, your server must connect to the network.
  • Offline feeds
You need to open NI Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX) on the host machine. The detailed operations are mentioned in Offline installation for Linux Real-Time devices. Please follow the article, complete step 5 and keep the software list windows open. Then you can see the offline feed URLs from the host machine in SystemLink Server. 

5. Complete the windows in Replicate from Feed URL based on the information above. Please choose NI Linux Real-Time in Platform Type, and you may need to check Overwrite the existing packages in the Advanced section for duplicated packages.
Then all the packages related to the feed will be automatically downloaded.
6. You must replicate all the available feeds under the type you choose (online or offline). After doing that, click in Feeds->Add->Add from Package Repository, and remove all the existing feeds and replace them with all your feeds built previously.

7. Now you just need to replace the original feeds with your own repository on different clients. Then you can finish the offline installation.