Self-Calibration Failing on RFSA

Updated Oct 31, 2023

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Issue Details

When running IF Flatness Self-Calibration on a RFSA device, the Self-Calibration is failing. However, if I run the Self-Calibration after (with IF Flatness disabled) the device will pass. 


This Self-Calibration error is caused when the device is not at a suitable temperature during Self-Calibration .Therefore the temperature of the components is different to when the calibration of the device was first performed. Due to the sensitivity of the components of the RFSA, if the device is not given time to warm up then the components will perform differently than expected and can fail the Self-Calibration.

Please follow these steps before running any Self-Calibration on an RFSA device;

  1. Turn on the hardware and open the RFSA Soft Front Panel
  2. Select your RFSA and leave it running for 15-20 minutes
  3. Perform IF Flatness Self-Calibration.
After these steps have been performed the components inside the RFSA will be at the correct temperature and will pass the IF Flatness Self-Calibration.

Additional Information

If the issue persists please contact NI Support.