Connecting to an ISM 74xx Using a cRIO

Updated May 29, 2020

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ISM-7411, ISM-7412, ISM-7413, CompactRIO

Issue Details

I'm trying to connect to my ISM-7411 through the secondary ethernet port on my cRIO, but I am currently having issues setting this up. How can I set this connection up correctly?


 First, set up the ISM-74xx connection to the cRIO as follows:

  1. If you have two network ports on your cRIO, connect the cRIO directly to the device using a CAT5 cable. You don't need a special crossover cable, as the device will automatically detect the direct connection and make the necessary physical layer changes.
  2.  Set the IP address on the ISM to by setting the rotary switch to position 0.
Next, set the IP address of your cRIO:
  1. Find your cRIO in MAX and select the Network settings tab.
  2. Find Ethernet Adapter eth1 and set the Adapter Mode to "TCP/IP.
  3. Set Configure IPv4 address to "Static."
  4. Use the IP address This assigns your cRIO an IP address that is on the same subnet as the device.
  5. Next, enter the subnet mask as
  6. Leave Default gateway and DNS Server blank. This prevents your cRIO from looking for a router on this subnet.

Once you have set preformed the above steps, you should be able to check the connection to the motor using the Stepper Configuration Utility to send basic commands to the motor to test the connection.