NI C Series Calibration Procedure and Datasheet Don't Line Up

Updated Oct 13, 2021

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  • NI-9203

Issue Details

I was looking at the NI 9203 Datasheet and in the calibration section it listed the Unipolar Accuracy Calibrated Percent of Reading specification is ± 0.4% for typical measurement conditions. When I looked at the same specification in the NI 9203 Calibration Procedure document it lists the Unipolar Accuracy Calibrated Percent of Reading is 0.080% max. Which specification is correct?


Both specification values are correct. The values in the datasheet are for Typical 25 °± 5 °C measurement conditions. We do not guarantee typical specifications, we only guarantee maximum specifications. The limits in the Calibration Procedure are the maximum specifications for 23 °± 5 °C measurement conditions. Calibration is only valid for the maximum value at ambient room temperature limits, not the typical values at room temperature limits.