Offline installation of OPKG packages on Linux Real-Time devices

Updated Jun 23, 2021

Reported In


  • NI Linux Real-Time Offline Installation Support

Issue Details

I saw that we could install software for Linux Real-Time devices with local feeds (on host computer). Could I install OPKG package (like SQLite) on Linux Real-Time devices with local feeds too?


Yes, you could do that but you need to have NI Linux Real-Time Offline Installation Support installed on your host computer first.
  1. Right click and select Add/Remove Software on the device which you want install.
  1. Select the option of Allow the target to retrieve packages from the feeds hosted on this computer and then click OK. The host computer will start NI Web Server for hosting the feeds. DO NOT close the window below during the OPKG installation.
  1. Using ssh to login and type opkg update to update the package lists. You could see that it will update with local feeds (http://[host IP Address]:9100/20.0.0/...).
  1. Using opkg install to install the packages and you will see that it will download the ipk from local feeds.
  1. After finished the installation, you could click Cancel to close the Real-Time Software window.