How Can I Find Sensitivity of USRP

Updated May 28, 2020

Reported In


  • USRP-2900
  • USRP-2920
  • USRP-2921
  • USRP-2922
  • USRP-2930
  • USRP-2932
  • USRP-2940
  • USRP-2942
  • USRP-2943
  • USRP-2944
  • USRP-2945
  • USRP-2950
  • USRP-2952
  • USRP-2953
  • USRP-2954
  • USRP-2955

Issue Details

I cannot find the sensitivity about my USRP device from its specification. How can I find it?


There is no officially document which shows the sensitivity of USRP device. However, you can calculate such parameter with the method mentioned in this link.
If you are just willing to compare the sensitivity between two USRP devices, you can get the result by comparing their noise figure. The lower the it is, the better is the sensitivity.