Error -2147220364 in LabVIEW Using the System Configuration Library

Updated Dec 7, 2023

Reported In


  • LabVIEW


  • System Configuration

Issue Details

I receive the following error message when trying to programatically configure my NI hardware using property nodes and calling the Save from the System Configuration Library API.

Error -2147220364 occurred at nisyscfg.lvlib:Save Changes (System).vi:1280001

Possible reason(s):
NI System Configuration: Command is not supported by given protocol.


This error can occur because the Save operation can not be executed on the referenced item, whether it is an invalid change being made or the function is not supported on that resource.

To troubleshoot the cause:
  • Validate which VI is the error source using error wires and probes between functions to monitor where the error originates.
  • Verify the property can be modified and saved in NI MAX for this hardware item, to ensure that it is supported behaviour.
  • Ensure the System Hardware Out resource wire from the property node(s) is input into the Resource In/Session In terminal of the Save

Example programatically changing the port settings on a PXIe-8521 Automotive Ethernet Card:

Additional Information

The Save is Polymorphic and so can accept a System Session reference or a System Hardware resource as an input and changes it's behaviour depending on the input.