Can MP500 tcl3 Automatically Handle Waiting Time Extension in a Sequencer?

Updated Apr 8, 2024

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  • Micropross Accessories


MP500 TCL3

MPManager 3.7.2 and later
MPUlib 1.6.0 and later


Issue Details

I would like to build a MP500 terminal sequencer script where an APDU exchange command will not have a direct answer from a card but where the card return several requests for extension of time before the real response.

Can MP500 TCL3 automatically handle waiting time extension in a reader sequencer?


MP500 TCL3 so as MP500 PT1NFC are both natively able to handle automatically waiting time extension request sent by a card in a reader sequencer script or reader sequencer test application.

When using MPManager, the automatic handling of S(WTX) request needs to be added in the reader sequencer script.

When using reader sequencer test application the automatic handling of S(WTX) request needs to be enabled when using the parameter TSCN_PARAM_AUTOMATIC_SWTX_RESPONSE (42)
of the API MPC_AddToScenarioPicc.



Additional Information

For more information regarding the API please refer you to MP500 TCL3 or PT1NFC documentation.

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