NI PXIe Chassis Thunderbolt Connectivity Issues Using Gigabyte Z390 Motherboard with NI PXIe 8301 Controller

Updated Jan 3, 2024

Reported In


  • PXIe-8301
  • PXIe-1082


  • PXI Platform Services


  • Gigabyte Z390 Designare Motherboard (contains in-built Thunderbolt connectors)
  • Windows 10
  • Gigabyte Z390 UD Motherboard with Gigabyte GC Titan Ridge Thunderbolt expansion card

Issue Details

  • My PXIe Chassis with Thunderbolt controller is not visible in NI MAX after rebooting my PC.
  • I have a PXIe Chassis with a PXIe 8301 controller connected to my PC via Thunderbolt connection. After installing all the necessary drivers to my PC containing a Gigabyte Z390 Motherboard the connectivity is not always properly estabilished after turning the PC on and off.


  1. Go to the BIOS settings for your motherboard. Press and hold the DEL button while powering up your PC. (The button you should press may vary, try experimenting with F1-F10 if DEL is not working)
  2. Enable Discrete Thunderbolt ™ Support.
  3. Change Security level to No Security.

If the problem persists please navigate to the following guides for additional troubleshooting: