How to Log Inspection Results and Images to FTP / Local Drive in NI VBAI (Vision Builder for Automated Inspection )

Updated Apr 12, 2023

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  • CVS-1455
  • CVS-1458
  • CVS-1459
  • CVS-1456
  • CVS-1454


  • Vision Builder for Automated Inspection

Issue Details

  • I would like to Log my Images from Vision Builder for Automated Inspection to an FTP Server, what should I do?
  • How can I log the inspection results from an NI Compact Vision System running VBAI to Local Drive / FTP?
  • How to change the IP Address of the FTP server where NI CVS logs my data?


To log your inspection results and images to an FTP server or to the local drive all you have to do is to use the built-in functions in Vision Builder for Automated Inspection: 

1. Navigate to the Inspection Steps Palette in the bottom right corner
2. Navigate to Additional Tools
3. Left click Image Logging or Data Logging steps

4.  Image Logging: A dialog panel will appear. Check the Enable Image Logging box, Log to FTP / Local Drive by choosing from the Log Location drop down list. Click the OK button when you finished configuration.


4. Data Logging: A slightly different dialog panel will appear, navigate to the Destinations tab and configure the Log Location similarly as in step 4

Additional Information

If you have an existing project and would like to change the settings or the destination of a certain step find the appropriate step at the bottom of the window on the inspection state diagram, double click on the step to change settings in the same dialog panels as mentioned in steps 4