Can I Simulate a CAN Device on NI-MAX?

Updated Apr 26, 2023

Issue Details

I would like to develop my program for CAN interface modules, such as NI-9682, without having it physically present. I have installed its required driver (NI-XNET), however I can not seem to find CAN devices in the Simulated Modular Instrument list. 
Can I simulate a CAN Interface Module on NI-MAX?


Currently, you cannot simulate the CAN interface modules on NI-MAX.

Additional Information

While you have no physical access to the device, please refer to sample VIs installed with NI-XNET driver.

To view the NI-XNET examples, select Find Examples... from the LabVIEW Help menu. When you browse examples by task, NI-XNET examples are under Hardware Input and Output. The examples are grouped by protocol in CAN, FlexRay, and LIN folders.