RIO Controller Is Not Detected in CentOS Machine

Updated May 25, 2020

Reported In


  • NI-9155


  • NI-RIO (Legacy)

Operating System

  • Linux

Issue Details

I have a CentOS 7,7 machine with the NI-RIO 14.0 drivers installed and a NI-9155 CompactRIO chassis connected. The installation of the NI-RIO driver was successful, but when I run the lsni -v or the  lsni64 -v to list the National Instruments hardware connected to this computer, I get the following message on the terminal: 

System Configuration API Experts found:
NI-RIO 14.0.1 (ni-rio)
NI System Configuration 14.0 (nisyscfg)

No resources found

My chassis is not being listed nor recognized in this computer, but it's recognized correctly in a RedHat machine with the same software installed.  How do I fix this?


There were some known issues related to installation dependencies of the NI-RIO legacy drivers that are specific to CentOS 7.x machines. These issues have been solved in the latest and currently supported NI-RIO drivers. 

To solve this problem, please go to the following article and follow the steps to install the latest NI-RIO drivers:  Downloading and Installing NI Driver Software on Linux Desktop.

Please install the latest driver version listed in the following link, and make sure it supports your device by checking the driver's readme file: NI Linux Device Drivers Download

Additional Information

Please note that the NI-RIO drivers installation procedure changed since the 18.0 version; now these are installed via RPM packages.  

After installing the driver, please make sure that the NiRioSrv kernel module is listed when you run the  lsmod | grep -i ^ni  command. If it's not listed, start it manually by running modprobe NiRioSrv. To ensure that the module is available after startup, simply create a .conf file with its name under /etc/modules-load.d/niriosrv.conf